About Us

The Elements was started in July 1995 at New Delhi and subsequently shifted to Panchkula in Haryana. The partners are interested in socially relevant, cost effective, energy efficient architecture. These concerns are reflected in most of their projects. Their projects are design and detail intensive and reflect their belief in a total design philosophy.
They have been exploring solar passive architecture and alternate appropriate materials for construction. Since the inception of the firm there has been a special interest in school design. This started with winning a 'Design Ideas Competition' for an ideal Rural Primary School sponsored by HUDCO. Since then the firm has been involved in a variety of initiatives in numerous school projects. Recently they have been awarded the new HAREDA Office building in Panchkula, which will be the first building to get the TERI-GRIHA rating in the region. Having diversified into the field of retail and industrial architecture, The Elements have a number of successfully finished projects showcasing their potential.

The interior design projects handled by the firm showcase their ability to innovate without compromising on space or aesthetics. They are supported by an in-house team of architects who share their zeal, and are advised by consultants who are leaders in their respective fields. The partners have recently started a furniture workshop 'Studio Aranya' in which custom designed home and office furniture is being done for select clients. The partners are Siddhartha Wig, B.Arch., M.Tech. (IITD), M.C.A. Working since 1989 (DAAT, Sanjay Prakash & Assoc.), started own practice 'THE ELEMENTS' in 1995 Has been on the visiting faculty at TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi & Chandigarh College of Architecture. Subjects taught include Energy Efficient Architecture, Ecological Planning & Low-cost Building. Interests include energy codes in buildings, daylighting & appropriate building technology. Ms. Anant Mann, A.I.I.A., M.C.A. Has been working since 1988 at Chandigarh (SD Sharma & Assoc.) and Delhi (DAAT, William Perry & Assoc.). Started own practice 'THE ELEMENTS' in 1995. Has been interested in socially relevant, low-cost, energy efficient, participative architecture. Has a special interest in school design and creative learning experiences.