Siddhartha Wig

B.Arch., M.Tech. (IITD), M.C.A.

Working since 1989 (DAAT, Sanjay Prakash & Assoc.), started own practice ’THE ELEMENTS’ in 1995 Has been on the visiting faculty at TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi & Chandigarh College of Architecture. Subjects taught include Energy Efficient Architecture, Ecological Planning & Low-cost Building. Interests include energy codes in buildings, daylighting & appropriate building technology.

Anant Mann

A.I.I.A., M.C.A.

Has been working since 1988 at Chandigarh (SD Sharma & Assoc.) and Delhi (DAAT, William Perry & Assoc.). Started own practice ’THE ELEMENTS’ in 1995. Has been interested in socially relevant, low-cost, energy efficient, participative architecture. Has a special interest in school design and creative learning experiences.

Aranya Living is the inhouse Lifestyle Products Design Studio. We have now ventured into accessories of all kinds which includes Lamps, Toys, Office Products, Desk Products, Corporate gifting solutions and a wide range of allied products. We plan to be in the retail market through the online retail market segment.

Gubbi Alliance for Sustainable Habitat is a self-funded association of 20 habitat professionals and researchers that seeks to mainstream sustainability as a core concern. Here we connect the philosophical dots to the practical ones, so that we see the bigger picture more clearly than before, and act to improve it.